Anyone who watches my weekly vlogs will know how much I love Buffy. I am currently watching it again, for the third time in about two years... and god only knows how many times in total. I don't think I will ever tire of that show, and having also made Harry watch all seven series, he is also completely hooked on the Buffy world. I am not sure how old I was when I first watched it, definitely under 15 because I remember having to hide the video box set from my Dad who would have gone mad had he known I was watching something with a 15 rating. What I do remember is how much I wanted to be Buffy. I had a cross necklace, the ring Angel gives her in the second series, I even got my Dad to make me a (very blunt) stake. I watched the earlier seasons when they were at school over and over, and wanted to wear the outfits all the girls wore (admittedly mostly Buffy and Cordelia, not so much Willow). I used to flick through the La Redoute catalogue (that brand has been with me for just as long as Buffy) and asking Mum "WHYYYY am I not old enough to have a leather coat?!" Two of my favourite items of clothing were a tennis-style dress I got in Matalan that was very similar to one Cordelia wore one episode. And a cowl neck top from Internationalé (the worst shop EVER btw) that was very alike the one Buffy wore in season six. 

Nowadays my fashion choices are a little less Buffy-inspired. Although her 90s get up of mini skirts and knee boots is still a look I wish I could pull off! But, it doesn't stop me from sharing my Buffy love with this amazing t-shirt. It's actually the second look you've seen with this one as I wore it last LFW. I bought it in Seattle at a museum, and it's the most 90s piece I own. I am determined to not let this t-shirt slip into the 'only worn to bed' section of my t-shirt collection (the oversized ones I have often manage to do that), so I was very excited to wear it out and about again. 

I added my Celine leather jacket to a least make a nod to Buffy's ability to rock a leather coat, and some heeled boots that she would run through the school corridors in. I can't even run in trainers so it's safe to say I will leave that bit to her. And obvs a turtleneck because I sadly do not live in Sunnydale, California.. and it's cold in Manchester. 

If you have managed to read right to the end of this post then thank you - I do realise for the non-Buffy fans out there this isn't a most interesting read. But if you haven't watched Buffy then I (obvs) recommend you do. Watching it now I release what an amazing character she was as an idol for me - essentially a strong minded, fiercely independent woman who overcomes as many natural hardships and she does supernatural. She is still a role model for me now, and I think always will be. 


Apologies for featuring an outfit full of pieces you can't buy online. Similar items linked where possible!