How To Dress For A Monday



Just wanted to start the week off by letting you all know I am nothing short of a genius. Very exciting update indeed, and I am here to pass my geniusness onto you all so we can all be geniuses together (when you're a genius you are allowed to make up your own words). The other day it was cold and rainy and I had to shoot with Mum and I was getting very stroppy indeed. I hate shooting in rubbish weather because you put so much time and effort into something that often ends up looking like crap. So, in my strop I thought.... "I don't bloody care, I am shooting in my comfies". Now I must admit my comfies (what I wear at home, if it isn't clear what that is) had a recent upgrade. They used to entirely consist of bleach stained Juicy Couture brown tracksuit bottoms that Harry's Mum gave me, and old hoodies with toothpaste down them. But those were the old days, and since Christmas I have become very posh. Mum bought me a cashmere hoodie from the White Company, complete with matching socks and trousers. I feel my most fancy lounging around the house in a full cashmere look, I am convinced it's what it feels like to be a celeb.

SO, I was having my little strop and decided not to take off my cashmere hoodie. This is when I realised I was a genius. Hoodies under coats is very 'in' right now, and I am personally loving it. So not only was I very warm and comfortable, I was also on trend. It was a fabulous moment. I have since even gone for this look without wearing a bra which might be taking things too far but, being a genius, I know what's best and I think thats okay to do. 



The key to this look is a). Having posh comfies. Admittedly this hoodie may actually be intended for outside wear. I think if I just threw on some heels with my Juicy tracksuit it would have looked more like a Paris Hilton inspired disaster (watch my have to eat me words on that one once Vetements manage to make the Juicy tracksuit 'cool' again. Let's hope they bring out a brown bleach stained version too). b) making some effort with the rest of the styling too. I added in some tailoring because that's what I always do when something feels too casual, and some very cool boots so people know that YES this is a deliberate look I am going for. 

Anyways, have a lovely week and I hope you enjoyed reading the words of a genius. This it without a doubt the best way to dress for a Monday so I look forward to you all wearing your comfies this time next week.