I don't do too much vintage shopping. Firstly because i'm not very good at it all, I envy people who have a wardrobe full of incredible one-off vintage finds! I have struck gold with some Levi's 501s in the past, but that is pretty much it. For the most part I find vintage shops overwhelming, and I can never quite get over the smell either. I was in Affleck's last week looking for a location to shoot (cannot wait to share the photos we took in there), and got sucked into a few of the vintage shops, which is when I found this blazer. You all know I am a sucker for a longline blazer, combine that with some tweed and I am weak at the knees. This one cost me £80 which I felt was pretty steep, and when I got it home my first thoughts were that the shoulders were a touch too wide and I wouldn't find it wearable. The best trick to combat this is to roll up your sleeves, as the gathered material on the sleeves balances out the width of the shoulder. I am also considering taking it to the tailors to make it the perfect piece for me, as everything else about it is completely ticking all the boxes! 

Another reason I don't make a habit of shopping too much vintage is because you guys can't go out and buy the same item, I have searched around for some similar ones - but if I am honest I am not sure any of them will compare to this one. It's got a heaviness to it that would be hard to find elsewhere, but as a general tip I always check Isabel Marant Etoile for their blazers. 

The other vintage piece in this look are my Levi's 501s, I think these are the first pair I ever bought and they have always been a little big. Having become rather reliant on cropped jeans most days, it was nice to wear something longer like this pair. I did end up switching into my Vans to wander around, which left me feeling a little too baggy and oversized. But with heels it has a sort of understated sexiness to it, and the effortlessness I always strive for. Finished off with a skinny fitting top (this one is such a good piece to have in your wardrobe to reach for with so many outfits), and a belt to actually keep the trousers up!