LA On Film


This marked my fifth trip to my favourite place in the world; LA. I wrote about how it stole my heart over a year ago when I first visited there, and it's been on my travel list ever since. Every time I have been there something significant in my life has happened too, it's been a place I have met new people, gotten over heartbreak, had nights out I can't remember and hangovers that make me want to die, and worked on some of the best content I have ever created. There is just something about that incredible city that just speaks to me, and I would love go for more than a week some point in the near future. This time was a girls trip with Linds, and it was amazing. Things haven't been so smooth sailing recently and I wouldn't have navigated a single one of those things without Linds' constant support, so going away together was just the best trip we have ever had. The highlight was without a doubt hiring a 1965 Ford Mustang to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in. It was incredible. We drove the whole way with the top down (subsequently got very sun burnt) all the way to Laguna Beach, stopping along the way for an In n' Out burger. Spent an hour or so on the beach, bought matching t-shirts, and then drove all the way back. Linds was thankfully a very skilled driver on the wrong side of the road so there were no mishaps, apart from us not knowing how to refuel it or put the petrol cap on at the end. It was honestly one of the best days, and best memories of travelling, I have ever had. 

Aside from that we worked, snuck into the Four Seasons to sunbathe (got kicked out when we tried to order a drink) because our hotel didn't have a pool. We shot photos on Venice Beach, went on a night out that got out of hand very quickly and I can only remember about 70% of it and we both woke up covered in crisps. We walked a lot (LA is a city you can walk around, it just isn't commonly done), put the world to rights on numerous matters and laughed until our sides hurt. It's safe to say I have come back to London with a bang, and as always am hoping to find my way back to LA very very soon. 

So, enough chatting - here are all the film photos that I scanned this week. I have tonnes of outfits to come too, but in the meantime here is little slice of that LA vibe.