A Big Hug

What do you think to yourself on a rainy and grey Sunday morning when you're getting dressed? You think, what can I wear that feels the most like I am still in bed, what could I put on that would essentially feel like wearing a big old hug. And this jacket is just that, one very very beautiful big old hug! It's from Charlie May, who's blog I have read for a long time, and whose clothing line I have coveted for a long time too - so I finally took the plunge and purchased this gorgeous jacket! I am so glad I did as it is just beautiful - perfectly cosy and also looks so so good. I wore it on Sunday morning with my Levi's 501s and the Uterqüe loafers I haven't worn since the Testing Basics they featured in.  I really loved this look, it felt like the first outfit I have really loved in a while, which leads me onto something I wanted to discuss a little... the giant creative rut I feel like I am in at the moment. I am so stuck with what I want to do. I love sharing my outfits with you guys but I am desperate for a way to spice this up a little, whether that be photography style, locations, a topic to discuss in each post. Just something to get those creative juices flowing! I think the issue is that I have a very specific style of image and fashion that inspires me. I love street style so much, and the minimal looks with denim that I feel like I could wear right now always inspire me far more than anything else. I always aim to emanate that with my own images, and I always will focus on that, but I am itching to inject something new. 

The Week in Film series really inspired me, and I still love it so much, it's definitely going to be sticking around here - but I would love another aspect that feels 'new'. I just haven't quite decided what that might be just yet, but I will keep you posted on that thought. Blimey, this blog post has been one GIANT brain dump on you all! I am basically just trying to let you know that hopefully something new will be coming soon... if I ever manage to decide what that might be! 


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