The Down Days


Having a few down days at the moment so I thought I would share some things I am doing to try and help;

  1. Sleep as much as possible. Someone once told me that you heal so much in your sleep and it’s always stuck with me. When I am down I always try to make sure I am having early nights, and most importantly avoiding drinking too much which always ruins my sleep quality.

  2. Work lots, it’s my biggest distraction always. Work has been sort of stressful lately but aside from a couple of meltdowns I am really enjoying it all, and enjoying how busy it is. I try to let my work fill my mind as much as I can.

  3. But also, contrary to that last point, I am trying to make my new home my happy place and enjoy being here even if I am sad. Which has meant it has to be more than just my office, so I am trying to have evenings in on the sofa watching TV, even if I can only manage 30 mins of sitting still and relaxing, it’s better than nothing. I am finding I am looking forward to the moment I get to sit and chill too, I am just not good at sustaining it.

  4. Look forward to things. I am thinking of taking another solo trip next month, it will be almost a year since my last one, so it seems a good time. I think where my head is at right now it could be the best idea and really inspire me again, or the worst idea and I just regret leaving home - I am willing to take the risk with it though! So hopefully I will be stateside again soon!

  5. Listen to Future Islands. That cures everything.

  6. Read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, there is a reason people quote it so much, some of those pages really stick with you.

  7. Exercise, when you don’t feel like it, it always makes me feel so much better and clears my head a little bit.

  8. Remember self care doesn’t have to mean putting on a face mask (I blame YouTube for making me think that self care is all about candles around a bathtub), for me it has meant speaking to friends lots, writing down all my thoughts, trying to be mindful and have control over my thoughts too, and balancing between business and downtime. I haven’t gone near a face mask once.

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