Winter Workwear: Part II

Apologies for this look coming to you much later than planned. When I shared the first look in this series I has hoped to have a second post hot on the heels of the first, but I failed miserably at that!! I am hoping you guys feel it's worth the wait because I love this look so much. It's definitely super super smart, and maybe only appropriate for super corporate jobs, but I love the feminine touches in such a minimal outfit. I honestly love trousers like this so much, but I never feel I have the right opportunity to wear them! This pair are by Alexander McQueen and I bought them to wear for my graduation - they have been hanging in my wardrobe ever since. There is nothing as effortlessly sophisticated as perfectly tailored suit trousers, they are for sure a power piece in any work wardrobe. The key is getting the perfect fit (be prepared to pay a visit to the tailor, I had these taken up and in a little at the waist to make them fit perfectly) - you don't have to spend a fortune to find the right pair, but you definitely have to shop about a bit. I have linked a few options below too! 

This gorgeous blouse is a recent purchase from & Other Stories, I love the high neck and the slightly puffed up shoulders (technical term there), they're just great subtle updates to a classic piece that you can team with almost any workwear outfit. It's a beautifully lightweight fabric too making it perfect to wear all day long. Finally I added this GANT coat over the top, the length of it compliments the fit of the trousers really nicely, and the colour lightens the whole look! Throw on whatever shoes you feel most comfortable with, I went with some pointed toe boots, and make sure if you do get trousers like these taken up that you consider the heel height you will wear them with. My most worn heel height is 10cm so I made sure to get the trousers a length that just skimmed the floor with a 10cm heeled shoe underneath! 

Also, yep I have cut my hair! I not particularly loving it but I am sure I will get used to it, been having the daily panic attack then you have much shorter hair and then wash it. You know the moment you run your hands through your hair and think 'OH MY GOD WHERE IS THE REST OF IT?!'.