Comfy and Confident

 Ahhh the shoes, the jumper. Two items you have heard me talk about already in my latest video (by the way, thank you for all the love on that one!!). This was a combination I loved. The somewhat scruffy jumper, with the super smart shoes - I feel it just works so well! It also ticks all the boxes for how I want to feel when I'm wearing an outfit; comfy and confident. In order to feel my most confident, I need to be comfy, which is something I have learnt more and more over the years. Also focusing on comfort actually encourages me to move more outside my comfort zone, as odd as that may sound. Small additions such a splashes of colour on a trouser that is pj-level comfy, and sorta emo-ish jumpers such as this one that are like wearing a big hug.

When I am physically comfy, it makes me feel more mentally comfortable in what I'm wearing too. So, I think you may have gathered that jumper is comfy. So warm and fleecy on the inside, and coming into more use than I would hope for the Summer months. And the shoes!! Aren't they amazing?! They are pretty comfy too, and every time I have worn them someone has complimented me on them. These are going to be a great summer piece - you know for BBQ evenings where you want to make an effort so you don't feel like a minger but also got be comfy. These shoes are the one for that!