I Am Back | An Unexpected Break

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Hey everyone! I am BACK after an unexpected week off blogging. Someone left me the most amazing comment yesterday saying this was the longest break I have ever taken from blogging, and she was right, and I am sorry I didn't let you guys know about it before. You all know how much I love blogging, above all other platforms my blog is the one I love the most and I pride myself on being consistent with it. So I can only apologise for momentarily dropping off with sharing on here. Life has been a little up and down and was more down than usual for the past week, so I just needed to free up some headspace. I am in a roll with vlogging my house move at the moment so I focused on that, had two nights away with one of my best friend, and gave up sharing on here for a few days. I promise everything is back to normal now, I missed blogging so much and even just a few days away has given me some fresh ideas on what I would like to share on here. So, all is back to normal now - starting with this post I shot last week with Tom and his gorgeous dog Fargo who makes a wonderful assistant on a shoot. 

Aside from life throwing the odd punch, I have felt a little uninspired by my wardrobe. I am putting all my time and money into homeware/moving at the moment so my wardrobe hasn't had many recent updates - which means as it gets a little colder I am rewearing lots of last seasons looks. I want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with that and I actually love doing it and of course that's a really normal way to wear your wardrobe, but in terms of creating content and sharing looks for the new season for you all, it feels al little repetitive. One new thing I did get are these new trainers - vlog watchers will know that I bought these in Copenhagen, got them all the way back to London just to realise they had sent me home with two left feet!!! Thankfully the shop was very helpful and posted a new pair to me ASAP and I have been wearing them most days since. Tapping in to this whole 'dad trainer' trend, I feel very much like Steve Carrell pre-makeover in Crazy Stupid Love whenever I wear them. But they have proven easier to style than I imagined, and a great transitional piece to wear with my skirts and blazers - like this one from & Other Stories last season which I am still very much into.

Anyway, huge thank you for your patience with me. I am buzzing with ideas at the moment and just not enough time in the day to execute them all!! It's under two weeks until I move house so everything feels very hectic but super exciting and I can't wait to share more interiors things - plus a huge post to say goodbye to my current flat which has been home to the most satisfying/hardest year of my life so far! Stay tuned for all of that, and hopefully some semi-inspiring outfits if I can manage to find some inspiration in my own wardrobe. 

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