My Week on 35mm #14


Today is really feeling like the calm before the storm. The storm being Vlogmas, which begins as of tomorrow. I have been vlogging everyday for a year now, but there is a huge difference to doing that to compile into a weekly vlog, and uploading one daily. I actually have never vlogged daily before, so maybe I shouldn't be so sure when I am not exactly speaking from experience? Although I do feel like I have a sort of backwards experience - some days in my weeks when I running around like crazy, when I am in a bad mood, when I don't leave my desk... those days get lost within a week's worth of content. I don't feel too much pressure on those days because I know I have six more each week to make up for it. So, being familiar with how tricky vlogging can be, I am expecting Vlogmas to be a challenge for me. A very welcome one, but a challenge all the same. This isn't to say I am not looking forward to it, I have that sort of excited worried feeling about it - excited for the conversational aspect it will bring to my relationship with you guys, and excited for what is coming up in December. I will definitely share my experiences of daily vlogging in a post on here towards the end of December, and fingers crossed that post will be a positive one! 

In the meantime, here a week in film post full of just me! This was accidental, but clearly I have been feeling the centre of attention this week.. aside from the odd building on avocado. It's been superrrr cold in Manchester this week, hence all the scarves and coats. Winter is here, and as of tomorrow, Christmas is too! 


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