Some Things I Learnt in 2016

As Kylie Jenner predicted, 2016 has been the year for 'like, realising stuff'. It's been an incredible year personally, and I am beginning 2017 feeling really motivated. Today I thought I would write down the things I have learnt throughout this year, alongside some photos we took yesterday while walking on Ilkley Moor - I bloody love these photos too! There are many aspects of my life I want to improve this year; my fitness, my work-life balance, the way I prioritise my social life. But, 2016 really has been amazing, and through living the furthest away from home I have ever been (granted it's not very far, but still), to running my own business, I do feel like I have learnt a few things. 

Comparison is the thief of joy, but... 

... it doesn't mean you won't do it!! I know that sitting down and comparing myself to other people isn't going to make me happy. I know it will negatively impact my self esteem and productivity. I know all of this the moment I start doing it, but it's still a thought process that runs away with me. I think most of us are guilty of doing it sometimes, and will completely relate to this. Sometimes knowing something isn't doing you any good doesn't mean we all just manage to stop it. I do find it's something I have done less and less as the year has gone on, which I think mostly comes down to being busy, meaning I don't have the time or headspace to squeeze it in there too. And while it's a habit I would like to eradicate completely, I think it may just be a part of who I am - and all I can do is see it as a motivator. While the time I spend worrying about what other people are doing is a miserable bit, once it's all passed, the productivity that follows is definitely a silver lining. 

Travel isn't a huge goal for me. 

I feel like this is something I never hear people say. So let me be clear, I enjoy going away. I love seeing new places, I love working from new cities, I love being able to travel with my job, and I really love going on holiday. But I also love being at home, I love it when I sit back on my sofa with a cuppa after being away, I love waking up in my own bed, I love having my own routine. Obviously, travel massively disrupts that, which I am totally okay with here and there. The idea of a life travelling every few weeks does not appeal to me, and I also never want the novelty of flying somewhere new to wear off. So while travel will 100% be a part of my 2017, so will staying at home and enjoying that as much as possible. 

The need to relax.

I do think that we can all quickly become of guilty of wearing our busyness and 'I never switch off' lifestyle as a badge of honour. I really get that because it's an acknowledgement of hard work, which is something everyone seeks at some point. It's something I would like to break out of throughout next year, by finding more time to relax. And understanding what I do actually find relaxing is a part of that. The idea of sleeping in and spending the day in my PJs is not my idea of relaxing, I always like to have plans and a purpose to my day. Knowing that makes it easier for me to plan a relaxing day, usually involving lots of food and then a film marathon through the evening. Being back at my Mum's is my most relaxing environment, and I think it partly comes down to working from home. Our open plan flat means my 'office' and 'home' massively bleeds into one space - often leaving me feeling like the entire place is my office. I definitely plan on finding a way to balance this a little more in 2017! 



An investment piece doesn't have to be expensive. 

This has been the year of Testing Basics for me. Nearly all of the clothes I have bought have been for those videos, and it's meant my understanding of what I look for in clothes has grown considerably... along with my wardrobe. There really has been a mix in the results, often the high street has reigned supreme, and the occasional high end piece has proven to be worth every penny. I even had a paid of Valentino sandals that fell apart after one wear! Some of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe from this year have been my Urban Outfitters jeans, Comme des Garcon t-shirt and of course my Jigsaw coat. For me an investment piece no longer refers to something expensive - some of those items don't even get enough wear at all! But an item I am confident in spending any amount of money an. 


Routine is my dream!

One thing I have craved this whole year is a routine. It's probably mostly a case of wanting what you can't have, and if I ever had a routine in my work I would likely hate it, but I still constantly strive for it. It sort of links in with my point on travel and relaxing too. The idea of having a routine of work, then time to relax everyday is something I crave so much! In theory there is nothing stopping me from having a routine, but I can never quite grasp it! I think it's a sign that routine isn't meant for me, just something I find oddly appealing. Is this weird? I think it might be weird. 

Kittens make everything better.

They really do, having Christmas with Percy the kitten has been the best thing ever. They really do distract you from everything and I think it's a scientific fact to say you can't feel sad when you're holding a kitten. It's impossible.