LFW Day 4 Outfit

ANNDDD we are onto the final look from London Fashion Week, which already seems like a bloody lifetime ago! The main thing I want to talk about in this post are these incredible shoes, which I am obsessed with. My Gucci slingback loafer reigns supreme in my wardrobe, so much so that I would repurchase an identical pair just to save for when my current ones are inevitably worn into the ground - that is how confident I am of their forever status in my wardrobe. But, I even bore myself with how much I wear them, never mind you guys, so I am always on the lookout for a pair of flats that could potentially be loved as much as the Gucci ones. And I think I may have found them! These Jil Sander flats were calling my name in Selfridges, also available in black, and extremely comfortable and fabulous. I bought my first pair of Jil Sander shoes in November; my well loved black heeled ankle boots, hands down the best black boots I have ever owned. They are incredible, and since wearing them so religiously, I have been keeping an eye on what other shoes Jil Sander brings out. These flats do not disappoint. 

There is so much I love about them; the rounded shape over the toe, the ankle strap which will come into it's own even more when worn with dresses and bare legs, and the colour (which admittedly I think would look a tad better on a more tanned skin tone than mine!) All in all, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Whether or not I will reach for them more than the Gucci loafer is yet to be seen, those shoes have set the bar so high for me (and I think many others who own them),  I am not sure anything will compete! 

Shoes aside, the rest of the outfit was a plain one. These white jeans are the crinkly-crotch Rachel Comey ones that graced a blog last week, and the long top was a very deliberate decision for that very reason! Topped off my with Acne jacket, I love how the shorter length let the flowing hem of the top stick out underneath - and it was a pleasant change to me always tucking things into my jeans! 


Photos by Joe Galvin