Sitting Back


This week has been madness! I think a lot of people are feeling this just due to the weather and the chaos it’s caused. We all know how British it is to talk about the weather, but my god it’s been so so cold and so disruptive. It’s meant the week has mostly been spent obsessively checking public transport updates and challenging myself for how many layers one person can manage to wear.

The Beast From The East has also ruined my weekend plans of heading to Edinburgh - after a harsh realisation that a) the trains are likely to be cancelled and b) even if they weren’t going further north in an attempt to shoot some spring content isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. So, after a frantic few hours spent on and skyskanner (travel holy grails at times) I switched Edinburgh for Athens!! Much sunnier climates, and therefore perfect to shoot spring things. I am super inspired at the moment by my own wardrobe and what’s in the shops so I am itching to get content out to reflect that! So, provided this weather doesn’t cause the flight to cancel, next week I will be finally sharing some fresh outfits.

My second drama of the week came in the form of a huge leak in my flat!! After a frantic phone call to Mum (when will I be grown up enough to deal with these things on my own?!) it all got sorted and my lovely flat as lived to tell the tale. But the moment I realised the running water I could hear wasn’t in fact a tap left running, but was water running down my walls from the flat above, was a moment I won’t forget anytime soon. 

So all in all I need a sit down (what a tenuous link into this post and these images), but last week a sit down is exactly what I had, in the middle the street. This outfit was part of a video I worked on a few weeks ago and I loved it so much I wanted to blog it. Involving my beloved & Other Stories blazer, but styled in a different way to usual for me! I love the 80s vibe of this look with the sheer tights and pulled back hair, and with some of my new earrings from Mango which I am really into at the moment (going to do a post about jewellery very, very soon). It’s definitely not an everyday look, but I was excited to find a way to style this blazer that made it feel go fresh when it’s something I have worn so much over the past few months.