Silk Dress

I am writing this post from a balcony in Mallorca, feeling a tad smug to be so far ahead on my blog content right now (it's Tuesday of last week as I am finishing off this post, and I am never ever this far ahead). I have posts from this trip coming up later this week, but before then I am sharing this one.. possibly one of my favourites ever. Without sounding like a broken record, I love working on film more and more with every post. This time Paul and I decided to shoot indoors, at no other than Affleck's Palace in Manchester. It's a giant (and I mean so giant you get lost) emporium of vintage, body piercing, food, antiques.. and countless other things. It's not somewhere I go very often, and wandering round there made me realise it's one of those gems that I forget about too often. It's where I picked up my new vintage blazer too! 

Such a special location deserved a special dress, and this one from Realisation Par fits the bill. Now this was sent to me so I can't answer any questions regarding customs, so apologies for that! What I can tell you is that it fits true to size (I am wearing a small), requires a petit coat as it's quite see through, and is incredibly flattering. You may well have seen these dresses on your Instagram many times before, as they are definitely a popular brand with so many of the girls I follow. I first wore this for an evening in Madrid but didn't get chance to shoot it, so I was so excited to finally shoot it... and in film, just a double whammy! 

I think what makes the dresses so special is they way they manage to be both sexy and incredibly classic. The plunging necklines with the figure skimming cuts makes for an very flattering piece that manages to be subtly sexy. There are styles like this available all over the high street too, and I am thinking of possibly doing a testing basics on them - what do you guys think? Let me know if that is something you would like to see and I will get on with ordering them all!