My Christmas On Film




Happy Friday guys! I feel like I am, along with lots of other people, loosing grasp of what day of the week it actually is! If you have been off work for this past week I hope you have had a very relaxing one, and if not I hope you're looking forward to a long weekend ahead. 

I thought I would share my Christmas on film today - and if you like kittens, you're in for a treat. This little fluff ball was a Christmas present for my Mum, and has been the most amazing Christmas treat. With all of your help we decided on the name Percy, so this is little Percy Hadfield. He is a British Shorthair, incredibly affectionate, and is currently on my bed with me wrestling with some ribbon. He is underweight and very little for his age so we are currently working on feeding him up, and thankfully he thinks turkey is the best thing ever so we are having no issues getting him to eat! 

Aside from endlessly cuddling little Percy, I spent Christmas at Mum's with Harry which was been very lovely indeed! We have eaten so much food, played many a board game, all the usual Christmas things. It was the most relaxing few days with no work on the agenda whatsoever. 

I hope you all had amazing an Christmas and are looking forward to NYE now! I have a really exciting post coming to you guys on Sunday that I have been literally waiting most of 2016 to share... so stay tuned for that one! 

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