Wishlist On A Wednesday

I am back today with another Wishlist on a lovely Wednesday - sharing some things I have had my eye on and some things I have already taken the plunge with. I am trying to live in the moment with this sunshine and embrace my summer wardrobe for a little longer, but I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little bored of it and find myself day dreaming about wearing jeans and jacket and the odd light knit. So for now while I am wishing I could transition a little, the Summer wardrobe is out in full swing. 

Where better to look for some Summer inspiration than a TV show shot in sunny California... in Sunnydale no less. Of course I am talking about Buffy, and the season one outfits in particular where the 90s style was at its peak. Queue Buffy Summer with this snake print mini and half-up hairstyle. There is this Chloe one that is so expensive it might make your eyes bleed, it went in the sale but was still expensive enough to make them water instead of bleed. While I am the biggest Buffy fan I do have to draw the line somewhere.. probably around the £100 mark where snake print is concerned. Thankfully Topshop came to the rescue with this denim number which I would wear with a white tank top, round Ray-Bans, loafers and of course the Buffy half up do! 

Madly into beige and camel blazers at the moment. To wear with light wash denim (shorts will do for now), white linen trousers and little black slip dresses. It, as usual, would be best oversized. Also loving how Christina Cenentera is wearing a little bag cross body underneath the jacket, that is such a good little detail that would actually be pretty practical popping in and outdoors in this heat when you need to get your jacket off quick. This one from & Other Stories is ticking all the boxes - as we have another week of 30 degrees I am holding off ordering it just now, but it's currently holding the number one spot on my Wishlist. 

So you all know I am a huge an of loafers. It started with Gucci, which I still love, and moved into my Celine pair which I have almost worn into the ground and still love so much - I would go as far to say they are the best shoes I have ever bought. I spied these Isabel Marant ones in the new in section of Matches and bought them straight away - I loveeeee them! The fact they have a step down back which you can also wear up (will let you know how comfortable that actually turns out to be). Took me ages to make my mind up between the tan and the black but I went for black in the end as I am still loving my Celine ones they tick off my need for tan loafers for a while. Cannot wait for these to arrive so I can wear them with everything I own. 

And finally, some light knitwear. I am really feeling cardigans at the moment - they are good to throw on when it gets cooler in an evening, and I love them draped over my shoulders too. I have this one from & Other Stories last year that I am still wearing and was excited to see they do it in cream too - will definitely be ordering that one along with the camel blazer when the weather permits. I think it will look amazing over a white t-shirt with some white jeans and my new black Isabel Marant loafers, with lots of gold jewellery too. Literally cannot wait to wear that outfit!!! In the meantime, maybe with a white linen mini dress and some chunky slides - a nod to some transitional styling there.