My Blogging Journey | Being A Full Time Blogger

Hey everyone! Apologies for how bloody long this video is, there is just so much to cover and I didn't want to miss anything out. Just to make clear, this is just my experience with blogging and my take on what is good/bad practice in blogging. Of course there is no handbook, and while you can read all the amazing advice and tips post until you're eyes can no longer function, blogging should always be about whatever you want it to be, and whatever your passion is. You make it whatever you want, and when you create a blog through a passion for it, it will inevitably become and unique and personal space on the Internet! 

That being said, I hope some of you find this helpful or informative. I have been as up front as possible with my situation in order for this to be as helpful as possible, but if you have any more questions about my blogging journey, or your own, please get in touch and I will do all I can to help.