Back To Manchester


Who remembers these Northern Quarter Streets?! Over the Easter weekend Mum and I headed to Manchester for the day to see some family, and spent about an hour racing around the city centre. Top of my list was to revisit the Northern Quarter, which was my home and the centre of all my blog content for about 18 months. I loved shooting on these streets that just feel so much like Soho in New York, but with even more of an edge to them ('cos Manchester is cooler, IMO). So much of my aesthetic was built around these streets, the grunge as a backdrop to some high end tailoring, and the dull colours that lend themselves so well to film photography too. It felt so good to be back there, if not a little odd too as it seems like a lifetime ago since I lived there, but of course it had the same buzz and atmosphere as always. And of course looking at these photos makes me miss shooting there so much, it couldn't be any different to the white streets of Notting Hill that I step out onto now! Maybe I need to do a proper weekend trip back to shoot for a little longer and revisit my favourite spots.

I remember days where I would walk around Manchester before I moved and think how small it felt. The walk into town to where I lived at the time only took about 15 mins, and I knew the route like the back of my hand. I initially loved the smaller size of the city, you really do step out from your front door into a city centre and all it's atmosphere which is incredible. But towards the end it felt so small. What's funny about living in London, is that in some ways you restrict yourself to an even smaller space, but it never feels small. All my amenities, most of my social engagements, the gyms I go to, etc etc, are all in Notting Hill and right on my doorstep. My life now revolves around a space smaller than Manchester, but London always feels like there are so many more possibilities, and even when you live in one small area, you never really forget the sheer scale of the city. I wish I could see into the future and know how I will feel about this in a year's time, but for now I love it so much. 

And for the outfit I wore, this was mid way through my week without denim, and was possibly my favourite outfit from that week too. These Topshop trousers always remind of LA because of these photos here, and I think it makes me feel like I can't wear them for more cold-weather appropriate outfits. But with a cashmere knit and this amazing colour palette, they really work so well. My Tibi blazer is still getting a lot of love and is one of those pieces someone always compliments me on whenever I wear it, and I cannot wait to be wearing it with t-shirts and white jeans as opposed to knitwear. 


TROUSERS: TOPSHOP (sold out, but I love these as an option) | KNIT: COS | SHOES: REEBOK | BAG: LOEWE | BLAZER: TIBI