The Best Boots

Say one big fat HELLO to the best boots I have ever owned. These have knocked another very special pair off the top spot. A very special pair that are the exact same style, but in a different colour. We have here a case of the old 'if the shoe fits then buy it in every colour' going on. I am of course talking about my beloved Dear Frances Spirit boots. My burgundy pair barely left my feet throughout last winter, and these pair are now going to be featured alongside them too. These are the best boots ever. They are the perfect height, making them smart enough for an evening look, but comfy enough to wear all day too. They look good with everything you wear, and suit everyone who wears them. They are just magical!! The detailing in Dear Frances shoes is always incredible, just look at the back of them - with the white stripe down the heel, and the suede panel above that. They really are just stunning, and they nail that understated but expensive looking vibe that I am always going for. To really show them off I teamed them with the most minimal outfit everrrr. Just some light wash jeans and a black knit, and the boots completely transform this look. I honestly could not love them anymore, so thank you SO much to Dear Frances (aka SHOE QUEEN in capital letters 'cos I am shouting it very loudly) for creating yet another pair of incredible shoes. YOU ARE THE SHOE QUEEN (shouting again, sorry). 


P.S the fit of the Spirit boots has been updated a little. The previous season ran quite small, but these are roomier this time! I still went with my normal size, and they are perfect, but also give me some room for thick socks. If you have super thin feet then you could go one size down.

P.P.S sorry this post is later than usual, I wrote it out last night and it only went and bloody deleted itself. And being in America and all I didn't even have a decent cuppa this morning to soothe me when I woke up and realised. *queue sad violin music* 

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