Styling Trainers

This post is sponsored by Nike and ShopStyle Collective. 

Lets start the week with a little challenge; styling trainers. It's something I love on other people, but seriously struggle to get it right myself. Lots of my day-to-day life involves a bit of rushing around. I 'nip out' to do something most days, whether it's drop of a parcel, pick one up, shoot some bits and bobs. I always want to get it done as quickly as possible, and some sensible footwear is going to make that a whole lot easier. So when the opportunity came along to work with Nike and styling their Air Max Thea Flyknit , I thought "ohh, this one would be a tricky one for to style, but a very welcome challenge". Some of my fave bloggers rock trainers like complete pros (Lucy Williams and Maria Bernad, just to name a few) so I headed to their pages for some inspo on how I might style these, and I love the look I ended up with.  It's essentially a very typical outfit for me, but one that I always feel really great in, and feels completely different depending on what shoes you go for with it. I especially loved the frayed hem with them, I think it brings in something extra and a little less 'basic' than skinny jeans would have done. I do think bare ankles are a bit of essential for this one - flashing some ankle under straight leg denim is always super flattering. Through years of exposure to the cold my ankles are hardy little things and I will gladly bare them throughout the coldest months... I have also been known to just shave and tan my ankles, but that's a story for another time. 

I did also try the look out with a suit, which was my initial thought for the look - but it looked too much like I was commuting to work where I would then change into my heels! So something much more casual worked much better, and anything seems to work with this incredible coat which I have become surgically attached too since I bought it. On the day I wore this look I had about 10382011 things to do in town; post office, shop for testing basics. supermarket, develop film. I was whizzing through Manchester like a thing possessed in my new trainers, and I think it would go without saying that they're crazily comfy too. They're definitely going to become part of my weekly looks for those practical days where I still want to feel nice and not too 'practical' (like the time I went out in a fleece and Ugg boots and hated myself a little bit for it). 

TRAINERS: Air Max Thea Flyknit c/o nike | JEANS: & OTHER STORIES | COAT: TOPSHOP (in stock again!)| KNIT: c/o LA REDOUTE | GLASSES: c/o BAILEY NELSON | BAG: FENDI