Working Mornings


Before we get into some beautifully sunshiney photos from Italy, lets take it back to last week, on a typical working morning. Those of you who watch my weekly vlogs will know I am very much a morning person, and those hours are always my most productive. I just tail off throughout the day, and really struggle to do anything worthwhile past 10pm. So, that's why morning's are my faves, and why I always try to make the most of them. Over nearly a year of working for myself, I have learnt to get up and dressed ASAP, and also nip out in the morning if I can. It can be too easy to sit down at my laptop with a cuppa as soon as I wake up, get too engrossed in what I am doing.. and hey, it's 12pm and I am still sat in my PJs. 

So, I always make sure to have a routine like I would if I was about to commute somewhere. And sometimes I really treat myself, and make my little commute a trip out to get breakfast! Which is what Harry and I did on Thursday. I normally manage to rope him into taking photos of me with the promise of breakfast as a reward, so it's win win for us both! Plus, the perfect start to a productive day. 



P.S guys, there are going to be a few breaks in posts this week while I am on my jollies. I will be back again on Wednesday, and then Friday - then back to the usual daily antics next week!