Making Outdoors 'Me'

Oh the scary world of outdoor fashion. A place I am not familiar, or particularly comfortable with. Sometimes I have to go into a sports shop and I can just tell the staff know I don't belong, they can tell that I can't run without falling over and get out of breath running up the steps! So, because of my complete inability to do any sports, outdoor/sport wear has never featured heavily in my wardrobe.

So, when the realisation that our trip to Vancouver would involve lots of walking and generally trying to be at one with nature (I was nearly reduced to tears by a spider last night, so it's not been going too well so far), I knew I needed to get some outdoor appropriate looks. So here came the challenge to find something that was practical but also fit my style perfectly, and that I would still feel good in. I headed over to Zalando to make the most of their huge selection to find the perfect look (incidentally, if you do fancy some proper outdoors look they have an incredible selection here) The starting point was footwear, I am the worst for picking uncomfortable shoes and then whinging all day long, so I went with these gorgeous Vans to stop that problem.

I have loved these shoes for so long, and any images on Pinterest involving them always catch my eye. Secondly, denim, and I wanted something loose fitting and soft. None of that pinching behind the knees you get from skinny jeans when walking lots, and no super stiff denim like most of my jeans are. These ones are perfect because they're super soft without being the horrid thin stretchy denim that I hate.

The final touch was this incredible top. I loved the print so much, and as it's loose fitting and light weight it ticks all my comfort boxes! It was the perfect addition to a simple look of jeans and trainers. All in all, I had the perfect look for doings lots of walking, I was perfectly comfortable (no whining about my feet hurting), and wore something I felt nice in. I do think so many people look amazing in leggings and trainers, sadly I am not one of them, but I don't think it's the only option for an outdoorsy look. Hopefully this has proven my point too?? 

And finally, just look at the scenery in these photos!! Any of you who know Vancouver will instantly recognise this as Stanley Park, which was incredible to wander around. But, as promised, more info on that next week in my city guide. BUT, you can check out my weekly vlog if you don't want to wait! 

This post is sponsored by Zalando.