Weekly Photo Diary


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I am starting off the week with a recap of last week.. which are often my fave posts! I am actually on my way to Amsterdam right now and I am so excited as it's the first time I have ever been! I booked the trip for Mum and I as her Christmas pressie, and I am already thinking about all the amazing Insta opportunities. Anyways, more on that later. 

Last week was a busy but fun one! The main event was a trip down to London, where I got my hair cut at Easton Regal. What do you guys think?! It's the shortest it's ever been, and at first I was a bit freaked out about it, but now I love it. I have been trying (and mostly failing) to curl it a little bit, but for the most part it just always insists on sitting straight and flat to me head. Easton Regal was superrr fancy schancy but still lovely and relaxed so it was such a treat to get my hair done there. 

Another highlight was acquiring these new trainers from Foot Locker. I love the fact they're not black or white but still equally understated. If you are interested in hearing me babble on about them a bit more (as I so often do about shoes), then give this video a watch here.



As I am sure you guys know, bloggers do get gifted items relatively often. I have lots of opportunities to be gifted clothing, but as I almost exclusively blog about fashion I don't get many opportunities to receive make up. Until this week where I have been so lucky and have been showered in make up!! I can't tell you all how excited I am about it all!! I had to find a way to share it with you all asap and let you know my thoughts. 

The best items for me so far has been the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick which stays on so well you have to scrub your lips to get it off!! The colour is incredible too, I have been very impressed. Another favourite has been pretty much everything by Nude by Nature. A make up brand I have never heard of before, packed with natural goodness (and available on ASOS). I have been seriously into their powder foundation which I have been using both on it's own and also as a light dusting over my normal foundation to give myself a little more coverage (much needed thanks to the giant spot that moved onto my forehead earlier on in the week!) 




So another bloody amazing moment was heading to the Üterque SS16 collection preview. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might have seen Üterque pop up from time to time. It's one of my favourite spots to shop, and for those who haven't heard of it I insist you check it our right nowwwww! Let me tell you, the shoe collection they have is always some of the very best on the high street, and I am going to do a little order this week so I can share even more with you all. 

The quality of Üterque is always incredibly impressive, and as there isn't a shop in the UK I always jump at the chance to attend their collection previews to 'ohhh' and 'ahhhh' over the pieces in person. The stand out item for me was this white coat, which I was tempted to slip on under my own coat and do a runner with. I decided against it as I have bad knees so running is something I avoid.