Snake Print


As you will now I have been writing over my film posts for a little while now. I love doing it so much, and you guys are always s positive about those posts. Sadly, neither my handwriting or doodles are especially aesthetically pleasing, so when Natalie got in touch with me about illustrating a blog post I replied with a very enthusiastic YESSSS!! So, I sent over these photos, and what she sent back was beyond what I ever expected. I LOVEEEE HOW SHE HAS DONE THIS! Now, this coat is pretty attention grabbing as it is, but the snake print illustrations are the perfect way to really cement it as the centre of attention. So a huge thank you for Natalie for making this one of my favourite posts I have ever shared. Make sure to check out her blog here, and also her Instagram

As for the outfit, this was what I wore last Sunday. Mum and I went out to Salts Mill for the day and I took it as the perfect opportunity to wear this insane coat. It's from Finery London, and it without a doubt the most perfect Spring coat ever. It's leather, and quite light weight making it practical for this time of year when getting caught in April showers despite it not being freezing cold anymore (YAYYYY, I am actually writing this post while sat on our balcony!) The colour blocking also makes it very Spring-worthy too. The way the dark snake print runs through the whole piece ties the colours together, and also mutes them a little making this way more wearable for me. The details are not forgotten in this piece too; from the angled pockets, the lapels and the lovely small poppers (I am not the biggest fan of giant poppers on outerwear). 

I went for one colour with the rest of my outfit. And I am going to wear this again with an all black look, as it lends itself so well to a solid base. Jeans are from GRLFRND (I must get these in a blue denim too as they're fab), an old Madewell top and my new favourite trainers! 


One of the most rewarding things about blogging is the way it connects you with people. And this post is an example of that. As a blogger everything you see on here is my own work; the photo direction (i.e bossing my Mum about), the editing, the writing. But sometimes there is some one out there who can do the job far better than I ever could, and this time that person was Natalie! I really hope you guys love this blog post and want to see more like this, as I would love to make it a regular thing. It certainly spices up my regular outfit posts a little. 


Read Natalie's blog here, and follow her Instagram here