New Fendi Bag!



So those of you who follow me on Instagram and are watching my Vlogmas will already know two things; I have been in Italy, and I got a new handbag. And this blog post is going to be an amalgamation of those two things. The bag arrived just before we went away, so I wore it everyday over the weekend, and what better to showcase it than with a few different outfits? The bag in question is the petite Fendi 2Jours Bag. Possibly now the most classic one in my collection, it ticks all the boxes for me. It feels and looks incredibly luxurious without being plastered with branding. It's big enough to fit everything I need in, but not too big it can't be worn on the evenings. It has an adjustable strap so I can wear it in different ways. And finally, the gorgeous colour goes with everything in my wardrobe!! 

I promise I will do a 'What's In My Bag' for this one in the New Year because so far I have been impressed with just how much it fits in. But as a little overview, I spent the weekend carrying around; iPhone 6 plus, wallet, 2x cameras, 2x rolls of film, sunglasses in case, notebook, pen and some lipsticks. All with plenty room to add in more in too. And, as we can see here, it's been looking amazing with all my outfits. Mostly I have been loving how chic it is, and I think it's been elevating my looks into a more sophisticated vibe - even statement looks like my star print dress. It's available in tonnessss of different colours, and a few size options too so there is something for everyone with this style of bag. And while it's definitely been around for a while, I don't feel as though it's one I have seen on everyoneeee so it certainly is feeling extra special right now. 

Typically, I can no longer find this specific colour online, but you can shop all the models here


As we were just in Italy for a long weekend we just took hand luggage, meaning I had a few items on repeat! We went to celebrate my Uncle's 90th Birthday, so I had to throw a party look in there too. This incredible dress from Sister Jane is the most effortless oversized shape - an absolute must when you're in Italy and doing nothing but eating. My bag was the perfect evening addition, and I loved how it looked with a predominately black outfit. My two daytime looks both involved my Gucci loafers (still my most loved shoes), and my Jigsaw blazer - I literally couldn't guess how many times you have seen those two items on here. My bag was definitely encouraging me to go for a sophisticated look overall, and I love introducing new pieces into my wardrobe that makes my usual combinations feel completely refreshed. These combinations of straight leg jeans with my longline blazers are incredibly samey of me now, but I just don't think I will ever ever tire of them. 

Oh, and I bought the sunglasses at the airport and was excited about wearing them, hence them being in every single outfit here.