Rewind, Unwind

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Spent last weekend in Leeds for the first time in July (catch up with that on the vlog here)!! I cannot believe I haven't been up North in so so long, and it did feel really good to go back. Went and took some photos in my fave spot where I shot some images just before I left for London (looking at those makes me miss my old film camera too). I packed to go home in a major rush so just ended up throwing all my favourite items into my suitcase and hoping for the best. Resulted in not the most interesting outfit, but a very good representation of what I actually am wearing most days at the moment. And to update you all on some VERY important things; these boots are getting comfier with every wear, and this coat is still (by some miracle) completely clean and mark free. 

On another note, I wanted to mess about with some colours for this post. I have been really into these sludgy shades which I keep seeing a lot on Tumblr so I wanted to play around with them a little. Tumblr is also responsible for my growing interest in typography. It's something I want to experiment with more and more going forward - I have been hand writing on images for ages now and I still love it, but I am definitely feeling like there is a lot more to be explored around that. So eyes peeled for this, it's going to be a fun thing to play around with for the festive posts I have planned! 

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