The Details


Wanted to write a blog post about some of my favourite details at the moment - the little things I am into and thinking about at the moment, which are making the most boring of outfits (hello heatwave making me wish I could just wear giant t-shirts all day long) a little more interesting. So here we go - some light styling chit chat to start off the week. 


So I am growing my hair at the moment, I am wanting to get a couple more inches into it and then cut my fringe a little shorter a la Jane Birkin. I am loving being able to tie it back easier now its longer, both on the top of my head in this hot weather and also in a a lower messy bun at the bottom of my head. I am not very good at hair so I just blast it with some dry shampoo for texture and then pull it back, and pull down some whispy bits at the front to frame my face a bit. The messier the better and it works best on slightly greasy hair too, so I have a little rotation of weaning my hair down on day one, bun on day two, and sometimes a French plait on day three if I am feeling particularly lazy. 



I am so into jewellery at the moment. I have had some pieces I have worn for years; the ring on my right ring finger and my watch, but in the past year I have really been expanding my collection. This Astley Clarke one has been a firm favourite for a while now and I get a lot of compliments on this, and this signet one is new in from Ro Copenhagen which I love. I love wearing gold with diamonds and it's accidentally become a (very glamorous) theme for my rings - one I very much hope I can continue! Here are some other ones that I would gladly welcome to the ring family: 

This Ro Copenhagen one, this one from Marlo Laz, and this incredible set of rings. 

Also earrings have become a big thing for me, I am currently on the hunt for the perfect everyday pair to wear alongside my Celine ones which are my faves. These ones from All Blues are strong contenders when they finally get them back in stock. 



I have long been into high waisted trousers and jeans, I have a super short body so it makes my legs look mega mega long and I love it. And I am also loving pairing them with short tops, that would be a crop top on those with a longer body but meet the top of my jeans and trousers perfectly for me. Things like my beloved Weekday tank (also wanting this one and this one), but also this new jacket I got from Urban Outfitters with the frayed hem - I love the colour of the corduroy too. I am sort of tempted to take the scissors to a few tops I am not wearing so much anymore to make them the perfect length for this look - especially as I wear things like these Weekday jeans so often, having a little rotation of tops cut to the perfect length for them wouldn't be a bad thing at all!