My Week on 35mm #15



December has got off a busy start for me and will deffo be continuing this way throughout the month! Last week was spent in Manchester, a little bit in London, some time at my Mum's, a weekend in Italy, and an overnight stay at Cliveden hotel. And weeks like that are always my favourite to capture on film! Lots of different locations, outfits, and an old Italian man who looks INCREDIBLE for 90 years old (he is my Uncle, I hope I look this good at 90, if I even get to that incredible age). I am very much in the festive spirit, which I definitely put down to the Festive Workshop PANDORA hosted at the beginning of last week... more on that tomorrow, but it was a complete festive dream! Right now when you are reading this I will be spending my day wildly running about trying to get things sorted for my next trip to tomorrow, this time to Berlin for lots of Christmas activities!! I am SOO excited, and of course looking forward to another week of shooting on film in different locations to share with you all next week. 

In other news I have tonnes of Christmas content coming your way; from shopping ideas, to party outfits. I am feeling so excited about my content right now, with Vlogmas well underway, a highly requested Testing Basics coming your way this weekend... AHHH it's all too much!! So I hope you're all feeling suitably festive and warbling along to All I Want For Christmas on a daily basis.