Arrive Gorgeous


Today I am sharing with you two travel looks, and some travel tips! These looks are what I wore to and from Berlin earlier this month, and you may be thinking... ehh these look rather identical! And you would be right, but please hear me out. 

Firstly, let me share my thoughts on flying. Manchester > Berlin is by no means a long haul flight, but it's still long enough to turn me into a raisin. By which I mean, flying makes me so dehydrated, no matter how long I am on the plane for. I applaud air hostesses who always look so flawless - after about 10 minutes on a plane I feel a very unfortunate combination of dehydration and also very cold yet simultaneously being sweaty. It's as attractive as it sounds, and while nothing seems to ever fully cure me of this weird combination, here are a few things that make things a little better;  

1. Drink water.. I mean it! Step away from the coffee (unless you're flying before 7am, I don't expect miracles). I always try and drink a full bottle of water before I am on the plane, and at least one more while I am flying, depending on flight time. This post is brought to you in collaboration with Harrogate Spring Water, which you can see me flaunting here - and the bottle perfectly matches my outfit too. Talk about a win, win situation.  


2. Moisturise before you fly. An obvious one, but if I got on a plane in my usual 'no I haven't moisturised my body in three days because I'm too lazy' state, then I think I would instantly age about 10 years.

3. Dress lazy - go for a combination you know and love. For me, it's always going to involve denim (make it either a soft or baggy pair, so they don't do that behind the knees pinching thing when you sit down). I also went with an easy yet statement piece, my beloved Isabel Marant Jacket. Not only does it go with everything and make things a little more exciting, but it also is very comfy and soft. Perfect for a mid flight nap! 

Quick confession here, my flight home outfits are always a mis-match of whatever is still clean from my suitcase. So the lazy dressing comes into it's own again, as if you pack all your favourite boring pieces, they will all work nicely together when it's home time. 

So there we have it, my tips for arriving to your destination looking gorgeous! I don't think anyone can say they stop off a plane feeling like a million dollars, but there is nothing that an outfit you love can't solve! 

Post sponsored by Harrogate Spring Water. You can read my full disclaimer here