Seattle: Outfit #1

Back to my usual urban surroundings today, well, not quite the usual as this post is coming to you from Seattle! But, I am back to the normal street style and predominately grey backdrops I love so dearly. The green in yesterday's post all well and good, but nothing beats a moody and bleak setting! 

Today is actually our last day in Seattle, and we are flying back home this evening. It's been an incredible trip, but we are all feeling so ready for home. BUT, the great thing about blogging is that I get to relive the memories as I continue to share the last few posts throughout next week. So, here we have an outfit from our first evening in Seattle. We were pretty tired, didn't have a set plan of where to eat, and all getting increasingly hangry, so this outfit was thrown together very quickly. God only knows how many times I have mentioned wardrobe favourites on my blog, you guys know how important having minimal pieces that work with everything is to me. And this outfit completely proved why it's so important - when you can't be bothered to think about an outfit, just throwing together the pieces you know you love gives you a simple look you can feel great in. These Urban Outfitters Girlfriend jeans have been my most worn pair of the Summer, and I love this Jigsaw blazer so much I now have it in two colours (cannot reccomend this piece enough! Same applies for my Spirit boots, I favourite from last Winter refreshed by a new colour - all pieces I know I will feel great in, no matter how much I rush or feel like I can't be bothered! 


P.S For the second time this week, I am sorry this post is late! I am having some technical difficulties where my scheduled posts keep getting deleted, it's driving me crazy! I wish I could say I had a plan to fix it, but my approach to technology is much more a 'switch it on and off' or 'ignore it and it will sort itself' sort of situation. So lets hope everything is right as rain again by Monday. 

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