THE Celine Biker


This post is sponsored by Vestiaire Collective

Let's start this week the way we start every week... by discussing amazing clothes. This post is coming to you as a Part II of yesterday's video, because I wanted to share my incredible leather jacket with you all a little bit more. Ordered from Vestiaire, and shipped to me in the most incredible pristine condition, I think this jacket is already one of the best pieces I have in my wardrobe. The fit, the leather, the colour, the feel, the lining, the zips, the padding, the lapel, the pockets... the list goes on, everything about it is perfection! I could not be happier with it (if you couldn't tell), and it makes me want to sing Vestiaire's praises from the rooftops! 

Buying high end items is always risky. Part of the joy of shopping for luxury is getting a luxury experience, which is lost when you shop online. And things get even trickier when you're shopping for second hand designer goods. While you may be saving money, it's likely you're still spending a lot, and you've got to know you're getting something good. That is where Vestiaire has got it so right. With everything authenticated and checked before being sent to you - they do everything they can to bring the luxury back into online shopping. The pieces come to you professionally packed up by the team in Paris, so it comes feeling like new, not like it's come from someones home where they aren't the best at folding and don't have any fancy schmancy tissue paper. 



Anyway, the decision to take the plunge with this jacket was all about looking into my own wardrobe and seeing what I have worn the most. I was torn between a longline blazer (probably my most worn style of jacket) and a leather biker. I am about one longline blazer away from having enough to set up a dedicated shop, so I thought it better to invest in the latter. I already know I wear the ones I have all the time, and I have had them all for years, so a new one would really have longevity in my wardrobe. After a bit of a Pinterest browse it confirmed that, yep, I was feeling a leather jacket... and then I managed to find this beauty online! WIN WIN WINNNNN! 

I definitely urge you to spend an evening browsing through Vestiaire. I have let it get a little out of hand and I have alerts on SO many searches (Acne Velocity Jacket, Saint Laurent Lulu Bag, and Acne Knits, just to name a few). I am selling a few pieces myself to fund this new hobby, which you can check out here. Vestiaire are just as wonderful to sell with as they are to buy, so if you have any old items gathering dust then get them on there and set up a few alerts for some new pieces.. but not the ones I mentioned 'cos I want those and I will fight you for them! Muhaha!