New Luxury Pieces

So as I mentioned yesterday Net-A-Porter sent me some pieces and I had a major pinch me moment and then died and went to heaven all at once. I spent so long picking out my choices, deciding on items I know I could wear lots and lots and hopefully elevate my wardrobe a little bit too. It's not the norm for me to have so much new luxury in my wardrobe at once, so I really want to put everything through it's paces and review each piece for you just as I would want to had I bought this much myself. All the items have already been worn more than once, and I have been getting lots of questions on Instagram about this blazer and bag in particular, so let's start there. 

The blazer is my dream come true. I am already so obsessed I would 100% buy another one myself in a different colour. The hefty price tag on it is completely justified by the quality, the cut, the weight of it (it's very thick), and of course by how much this is going to be a key player in my wardrobe. It's a piece to buy now and wear throughout winter with knits underneath (I sized up so I can do just that), and I think in the photos where I have my hand in my pocket you can really get a sense of the thickness of the fabric with how it is creasing. I have been so into this blazer I am having to make a conscious effort to not wear it every single day and bore you all, but I think we can all agree that this is a very 'me' piece indeed.  It's also put Stella McCartney on my radar for outerwear generally and it's now a brand I am desperate to feature in Testing Basics for winter coats in particular, so watch this space for that. 

The bag has also been on heavy rotation. I picked out this one and the Saint Laurent Bellachasse out of the hugeee bag selection online, and despite the latter looking a lot bigger, they fit a similar amount in them. In this little one I can't take my big wallet, but I have been carrying around my phone, film camera, keys, lipsticks and phone charger with no problem at all. The leather is super soft so the bag gives so much as you fill it, and then bounces back to it's usual shape once it's been emptied. I love the chain on it more than anything, it's so chunky and I love how it looks cross body. The small leather panel at the top stops it from nipping you or being uncomfortable, even when worn on a bare shoulder. So far it's bag I very much recommend, I wore it so much in Copenhagen for day time looks and evening ones, and it really spices up just jeans and a t-shirt, which is always important to me! 

The trousers... which I needed to iron. You can see in yesterday's post how they look once they've have a good iron. Honestly I was too excited to wear them, but the crease in the hem has inspired me to style them with a big turn up at some point as I think it looks really cool! They're Gucci, and are amazing. I have had so so many compliments on these. The colour is just insane, the brightest pink (you can see a little better in this photo here, which isn't filtered) and they have an amazing cut to them. I think they'll look super cool with a belt with them too, and a black turtleneck in Winter. I am determined to really look after these and make them last forever, so they are already at the dry cleaners for some TLC. And I plan to wear them again as soon as I get them back. 

The shoes have also been getting a lot of compliments. The first time I wore them I did a lot of walking and they really rubbed my little toe, but after a second wear I have broken them in! I wore them in Copenhagen when we walked for miles, and while I was glad to take them off by the end of the day, there aren't many heels I can walk 10,000+ steps in a day with little complaint. I have been wearing them a lot with big Levi's as I love the girlyness of the shoe against a manly fitting jean, that's already featured on my Instagram and I have a whole blog post with that look coming soon too. 

All in all I feel I made some good decisions with my choices, I have no doubt that the bag and blazer are going to feature heavily in my outfits over the coming months so you can be prepared to see lots of different outfits featuring them both! 


Photos by Ollie Ali.