Last Moments Of Summer

Hate to be the one to do this again, but is anyone else finding it hard to believe we are almost at the end of Summer?! I can feel myself gearing up for Autumn now, thinking about knitwear and candles and all the other stereotypical Autumn things that make me love it so much. It seems to have come around so fast, while simultaneously feeling like a lifetime ago since last Winter. I am so pleased I get to spend the last month of Summer in London, where at least it is a little warmer and I can still go bare legged for the odd day here and there. This Summer has been such a crazy one, and one I will reflect back on properly at some point, but I can honestly say it's been the biggest rollercoaster ever. When I was shooting these photos in Notting Hill, not too far from where I was living, I had a moment of thinking "oh my god, if you had asked me in April if I thought this would be where my Summer ended, I would never have believed it." And it's true, because the biggest changes are the ones you can never really plan for too far in advance! 

Spending the last few weeks of Summer in London is proving to be a lot of fun. Endlessly social, and the perfect weather to walk everywhere and really explore the area. God knows how many miles I have walked over the past week or so (I am also writing this from Copenhagen, which has involved a lot of walking too). And doing it under the sunshine is far more enjoyable than the rain. It was on one of these walks that I impulse bought my latest obsession; these Vans trainers. I saw a girl who looked amazing walking down Portobello in a pair, and literally darted into the nearest Office to pick some up for myself. I don't know why I haven't done it sooner as I have already been wearing them relentlessly with everything. As someone who was already obsessed with Vans Old Skool, these feel like a natural progression and something I need in a few different colours too (red, in particular). 

I have been wearing them endlessly with jeans, which you will see soon, but for now I wanted to share something a little more Summery. This dress from Topshop is gorgeous, and really looks amazing in it's own too. It's got double cuffed sleeves which are the kind of details I am always a real sucker for. I would deffo wear this on an evening out without a jacket, but it does come up really short on the sides, hence me opting for a jacket over it for day to day wear. And that jacket had to be my trusty Toteme one, that I always want to make the most of at this time of year as it's a piece I miss wearing so much throughout Winter. 


JACKET: TOTEME (old, and sorry I keep featuring it when you guys can't buy it, but I will never stop loving this) | DRESS: c/o TOPSHOP | SHOES: VANS | BAG: GUCCI 

Photos by Ollie Ali.