Amsterdam | Dream Locations

I shared this coat with you all in my latest video, and I have been SO excited to wear it since I got it. I was saving it to wear in Amsterdam, and it did not disappoint on it's first outing (although I must make a mental note to cut out that bloody giant white tag in the inside, the little outfit ruiner!!) What you can't see in these photo, 'cos I've done a really bad job in actually showing you the item well enough (go me!!) is that it has a gorgeous shell button. I have a little Amsterdam lookbook coming your way this weekend, so that shall be the reveal of the shell button in all its glory. 

On our second day in Amsterdam we mostly shopped, and wandered about taking in it's beautiful sights. As Mum and I are both shopaholics, we often dedicate lots of our time on trips to shopping. We usually plot out specific shops we want to visit, and use them as a way to explore the city - walking from each one and using them as point of reference to hopefully stop us from getting too lost. My favourite shop we want to was Hutspot, which also had a lovely café upstairs! It was full of amazing brands, with a great mix of fashion, accessories and homeware. I would definitely reccomend you pay it a visit if you are ever in Amsterdam! 

Hutspot: Van Woustraat 4, 1073 LL Amsterdam, Netherlands