My Favourite Things About Being Self Employed

These photos were taken last week as Mum, Harry and I headed to the cinema after finishing up some blog shooting. It got me thinking about how much I love being self employed, and the options being your own boss brings you. Now, I have only been self employed for about 6 months, so maybe I will change my tune - but for the time being, the positives of being my own boss massively out weigh the negatives. So I thought I would share some of the things I have loved about being self employed so far.

1. The flexibility of it all - I don't have to ask anyone if I want to take an afternoon off, book a holiday, or go to the cinema in the middle of the day. I don't have to wake up early if I don't want to, I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to... I set my own expectations for what I need to get done, and when it has to be done by. So long as I am meeting deadlines, all is well in the world of work. An important part of being self employed is that you don't have the attitude I have just outlined above, but it's still an option! 

2. Self motivation - because I don't really succumb to any of the things mentioned above (aside from the odd afternoon cinema trip, holidays are still spent blogging, I get dressed everyday and start work at 9am at the very very latest), I can often give myself a big pat on the back for being self motivated. I realised I could work as my own boss when I was at Uni, when my organisational skills and time management were the best they have ever been. And I use those skills everyday, and make sure I sometime say 'well done me!' for keeping my drive and perseverance. I also then say an extra 'well done me' and celebrate by moving those saved items on ASOS into the basket... oops! 

3. The creativity - granted, this point doesn't apply to all jobs, but I love the creative aspect more than anything. My favourite thing about blogging is creating. I often get wound up in taking and editing photos - spending more time than I should on it, and neglecting other things. But even the fact that I can get wrapped up in creating something makes me so thankful!

4. Working from home - this one would also come in my list of things I don't like, as sometimes it's great, and other times it isn't. One of the best things I like about it is being able to get my head down earlier - if I get up at 7am I can easily be fed, watered, washed and dressed and at my desk for 8am. However, if I had to commute somewhere for 9am, I would probably still have to get up at the same time! Same applies for coming home, I make a short commute from the desk to the lounge - it's a rush hour free trip! The downside is that sometimes the laptop too easily commutes with me, but we can't have it al! 

Do any of you guys work for yourselves? Or if not, do you think you would like it?