Yesterday I was scrolling through my blog (is that sad? should I not confess to that??), and noticed that there was bit of discontinuity going on regarding crutches/no crutches. I don't often publish my posts in the order they are taken anyway, I usually just publish what I feel like sharing that day, but all of my posts of the past few weeks have seemed a little higgledy piggledy. Right now I am still on crutches, and will be for another four weeks. I prefer to shoot without them as I can stand without them, I just can't walk around. However, if my leg is sore, or (as was the case here) it is really windy, I don't have enough balance to stand without them. Hence them sometimes being here, and sometimes not.

Anyhooo, this outfit was something I wore to go to the cinema last week. I just realised now that I haven't yet shared this amazing coat! I got it a few weeks ago on sale and it's LOVE. I am not usually a fan of puffa jackets, but I fell in love with this one and it is so damn warm and comfy that I rarely take it off.