On Time

I am a huge lover of watches, I wear one everyday and feel lost without it! The one I normally wear is my Dad's old watch, and it has gotten me so used to seeing a mans watch on my wrist that I would never have it any other way. So when TRIWA got in touch about their new collection of watches, I loved them straight away! I went for this one for two reasons: firstly, the tan leather strap, and secondly it is called the 'Nevil' (my cat is called Neville so it really was a match made in heaven). I have been wearing it everyday since it arrived and have had loads of compliments on it too, which always puts a smile on my face!

Other newness are these shoes. As soon as I saw these online I knew I would end up buying them, especially as I am living in flats at the moment too. I also spotted these slides the other day too, think these will be the next on my wish list!

I accidentally published this post a couple of days ago (what a wally), so if you're thinking you have been it before you then you probably have! 

JACKET: COS (sold out)