A Boy's Take On... Sexy

Here is the last instalment of this little style challenge I set for Harry and I! I have loved doing it SO much and all your comments have been so fab. Pleaseeeee have a go at this with your other half too, and if you do make sure to tweet me it @lizzyhadfield so I can have a nosey!

Harry: I wasn't sure that this outfit would fit the bill when I picked it, but now I think it definitely does. It probably isn't a typical sexy outfit but I think the elegance and simplicity of the dress really makes it. Although I do like more revealing outfits, I think less is more when it comes to being sexy.

Lizzy: I was so shocked when Harry chose this look - I definitely would never have guessed he would consider something like this sexy! I don't think I own an item that covers me up more than this dress. That being said, I do feel kind of sexy when I wear it, I think it is such a flattering item and very chic in such an understated way. We went for the same shoes too - looks like we are in agreement that a strappy sandal is sexy!