A Girl's Take On... Sexy

Lizzy: Now we are onto the last word Harry and I styled a look for... 'sexy'. I wouldn't particularly consider myself sexy, and I don't think I dress in a way that is sexy at all. So for this I styled my look upon what might make me feel sexy, rather than what I would perceive to be stereotypically sexy. First up has to be amazing heels, which always make me feel 10x better and more confident. Next I thought about how much skin I wanted to flash - the answer being not really that much. I went with these cropped trousers because they showed off the straps on the shoes perfectly, and a sleeveless top that is relatively low cut too (which I seem to be hiding with my arms in most of these photos!)

Harry: This is the kind of outfit that Lizzy wears to date nights and so its one which I've become quite familiar with and really like. A simple and understated look with sharp detailing.  The sexiest sexy item in this sexy outfit is the shoes, hence why I chose them aswell! In conclusion I found this outfit very sexy!