Loafer Love

I am going to start off today with a little leg update: it is almost completely better!! I can walk around the house without crutches pretty normally, almost no limp at all. I am still using one crutch when I am out and about, but everything (especially blogging) is getting so much easier. About time too, it's been over two months now since I dislocated my knee! One thing I still can't do is wear heels, and I am not sure when I will be able to again. I miss wearing them so so much, but right now the thought of actually trying to walk in them makes me cringe! I definitely need to strengthen up my legs before I risk tottering about in my fave pairs. 

For that reason, I have been buying flats like mad! Which isn't such a bad thing, as even when I can wear heels I spend more time in flats. One of my newest pairs (another purchase from London) are these AMAZING loafers. I love everything about them, especially the fact they're like old lady shoes! The alligator effect and tan colour make them the perfect nod towards the 70s trend too, while keeping it true to my own style.