Stockholm Day 3: Culottes and Cold Weather

Navy blue culottes and black turtleneck jumper
Here are some photos from our third day in Stockholm, which was met with a bit of a hangover and a cloudy sky! 

Nude sleeveless top, Dior sunglasses and dark brown bob hair cut
Wide legged culottes and adidas stan smith trainers and nude sleeveless knit

After waking up with a little bit of a sore head from the amazing cocktails we had the night before, I seemed to wake up feeling very over optimistic about the weather too. I strolled out the hotel without a care in the world with this sleeveless knit and sunglasses combo, before swiftly realising it was pretty dayuummm cold!!! Thankfully we managed to snap some photos of this outfit before I had to add another layer. For this outfit I wanted to keep these amazing culottes as the focal point, so a nude top was perfect. However, it wasn't meant to be... 

Black skinny turtleneck and navy blue wide legged culottes
Adidas Stan Smith trousers, wide legged culottes and black jumper
White and navy Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Black Uniqlo turtleneck and black Saint Laurent Betty bag

 Armed with my jumper I was perfectly warm for the day, these culottes are seriously a perfect transitional piece! They're also super comfy, which is just what I needed for another day of lots of walking and exploring. Harry and I headed to the Museum of Modern Art in the morning, and then into the Old Town which was one of the highlights of our trip. I don't want to talk too much about our fave spots here as I have a vlog coming for you guys, and I am going to go into a little more detail about where I would recommend to do if you ever find yourself in Stockholm.