Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery

A lil' break from my holiday posts today to share with you another brand I really love. A few weeks ago I headed down to London for a day and stopped in at The Basics Store in Shoreditch. More on that later, because first I want to talk about my new fave jewellery brand. I am generally a little scared of jewellery, not scared as in 'ohh myyy goddd runnnnn from the earrings' but more like a 'uhh how do I wear this, I don't know what I am doing' scared. However, I have now discovered the solution to my little predicament: keep it simple. Really that's my mantra with dressing in general, so why not apply it to some bling too?? As with clothes, the key to simple is often the quality. Quality is what stops a basic being well... basic. Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery it the epitome of good quality, stand-the-test-of-time, minimal jewellery. Her pieces are all handmade in her London studio, and the attention to detail is just incredible!!! The pieces are all detailed and precise, created through a combination of hand craftsmanship and machine manufacture. The result is beautifully crafted, meticulously designed pieces that can be worn everyday and passed down through generations. 

If you want to see Clarice's beautiful pieces then you can head down to The Basics Store on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. Make sure you make the visit before Sunday, as sadly it's a pop up and will be closed from then. I am so wishing it was there permanemtly, because there are so many amazing designers and pieces in there! I was honestly in minimal fashion heaven, with my fave names such as Dear Frances and Marina also being there beside Clarice Price Thomas. 

If you do have chance to get to The Basics Store before it closes on Sunday, then you can get 20% off Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery. But if not, then you can also get the discount online using the code CPTSUMMER.