Luxe Looks For Less

ASOS Burgundy fedora

Weekday via ASOS Black jumpsuit
Styling a coloured fedora
Black wide legged jumpsuit for summer
Gianvito Rosse lace up suede sandals

You guys have probably noticed that I love to mix my high street pieces with high end goodies. Shoes are my biggest weakness, and I am very guilty of splurging on a pair I love from time to time. When I plan an outfit I do it from the shoes up, I am a true believer that a good pair of shoes can transform an outfit. Such as this one here, the jumpsuit was £35 from Weekday via ASOS. I love it, but it does kinda look like it was £35 if you know what I mean. Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but if I want to make it look a little more expensive, then shoes are the way to go. I added my beloved Gianvito Rossi's, a designer handbag (the hat was also an ASOS bargain!), and voila, it just takes everything up a notch. 

Enough about why I love adding designer pieces into my high street outfit, and onto how I am able to do it. Basically, I never pay full price. Sales shopping is my go-to for shoes, but what about year round when the sales aren't on??? Pre-loved is the best way to go. Because of the quality of designer pieces, they're made to last. And they do indeed! I have so many pairs of shoes that I have loved to death and they look as good as new. Which is why I am not afraid of snapping up some pre-loved goodies from time to time. The key for shopping pre-owned items is photos, you want to see lots of them to really get a sense of the product you're going to be getting. My favourite for this is Vide Dressing. It's basically a heavenly emporium of pre-loved designer goodies, and believe me I have spent more time than I would like to admit scrolling through this website. It's a great way to get your hands on pieces that are hard to come by, such as the Chanel espadrilles, or the dreamiest Celine sandals ever. Not just shoes though, you are spoilt for choice with clothes and other accessories too. 

Shop 'till you drop on Vide Dressing here. If it's the most luxurious items you're after then shop here, and you can also check that all the items are certified too (which is so important when shopping designer goodies)! 

JUMPSUIT: WEEKDAY VIA ASOS (sold out, but similar here)
BAG: SAINT LAURENT (snap up lots of Saint Laurent goodies here)

This post has been sponsored by Vide Dressing, but I don't even need to tell you that my love for a designer bargain could not be more genuine!