I've Graduated!

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 OH MY GOSH I AM A GRADUATE OF HISTORY OF ART FROM LEEDS UNIVERSITY!! I can't believe it! My whole life has been based around education, and now it's all over. Jaaahheeeezz that's not at all scary. I actually have the next few months all planned out, which you can read about here, so I am feeling relatively okay at the mo! 

I am so proud of what I have achieved at University. To say I am graduating with a first is something I never expected to say! My grades were always around the mid to high 2:1 range, and I managed to pull it out of the bag with my dissertation and it lifted me up a full grade boundary. If any of you guys are mid way through a degree that includes a dissertation I would really advise you put everything you've got into it - it really makes all the difference when it comes to your final classification!

I have loved studying History of Art. I've found it so interesting, so challenging, sometimes near impossible, and above all else, so rewarding. My higher education experience began at Leeds College of Art where I did an Art Foundation year. I always loved art SO much at school, and felt for sure that Fine Art would be the path I would take. However, after a year of studying Fine Art, I actually became so sure it wasn't for me at all! We wrote one essay throughout my time there, and it was my favourite part! I realised I missed the academic side of things, and so History of Art seemed like the best combination of an interest in art and writing - and it was! Despite loving my degree, for now I don't want to take the topic any further. The thought of continuing to do a Masters makes me need to lie down, and I have no burning desire to follow a career path directly related to my degree.

I have had so many amazing experiences at Uni, from the people I have met, to the things I have learnt. Everything about it is a learning curve, from social skills and confidence, to research, writing, organisation and time management. There is so much to be taken from a degree beyond the classification and the topic, and I know mine has helped me to develop skills I will use for the rest of my life.

BIG congratulations to all my amazing friends who have graduated this year too! And THANK YOU to my Mum, Harry, Lisa (Harry's mum), David (Harry's step-dad) and Woody (Harry's little brother) for celebrating the day with me!