One Of The Best Days Of My Life!

So while we were in Tropea we decided to do something truly exciting and amazing: rent a sailing yacht for a day. My Uncle Luigi used to have a boat and loves being at sea, making it ideal to do with him. So myself, Luigi, my Mum, Harry, his Mum and little brother, and two of our friends all set sail for the day. Well, not quite, we had a captain - us sailing would be more like 'One Of The Most Terrifying Days Of My Life'! Anyways, we set sail into the clearest sea with clear skies ahead. It was truly amazing, I have never experienced anything as relaxing in my life. It was so hot in Italy, so having the sea breeze was a god send in itself, and being able to jump straight in from the boat was even more incredible. We spent the whole day stopping as different points and jumping in for a swim, before having a huge lunch with lots of wine. I actually felt slightly sea sick, and found the best way to combat it was to lie down in the middle of the boat - which meant I spent the time we were sailing drifting in and out of sleep. You know the kind of dozing where you keep dribbling because you're just soooo relaxed? Well that was me! It was heaven, honestly one of the best experiences and days of my life!

I was also lucky enough to have the perfect outfit to wear to. In my most recent haul I showed you guys this playsuit from Pampelone, which has got to be my new go-to for all the perfect holiday and beach clothes. Just how cute is this little playsuit?? The quality is really amazing too, and all the detailing is just what makes the item so special for me. Just look at that embroidery on the sleeve!!