Rome Day 3 | Mini Dress and a Tan

Cream knitted mini dress

See by Chloe wedge sandals
Dior So Real aviator sunglasses
Zara mini dress with low cut neckline
Knitted mini dress for summer

How tanned do I look here?!?! It's completely real too... okay no it's not. I am not usually a fake tanner but I decided to give it a bit of a whirl before my jollies. I think it looks pretty natural too! I've been topping it up while I am here and convincing myself I am getting more and more tanned by the day. The day I exfoliate shall be a sad and disappointing one.

You guys loved this dress over on Insta, it was a Zara sale find that sadly is no longer available, but I have found some similar ones which are all linked below. I really love how simple it is, and how despite being short and a bit low cut it doesn't look too flashy. Wearing it with these shoes added that little bit of man-repelling vibe that I always love! 

I've also added in a lil' family snap for your viewing pleasure. One of me and my Mum, who isn't actually half a foot smaller than me, I'm just stood on a curb and she isn't wearing shoes as ridiculous as mine!

DRESS: ZARA (similar here, here and here)