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What to wear for a British summer day out

Day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Anthony Caro Promenade at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Light coloured large Ray Ban Aviators

Have any of you guys been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park before?? I have been a few times, and it is honestly a magical place. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area (it's near Wakefield), but it is definitely worth making a trip for. I went last weekend with my Mum and Harry and his family. They currently have a lot of Anthony Caro pieces on show, so I was desperate to pay a visit. It really is an amazing place. Walking through beautiful grounds, stumbling across sculptures (really amazing ones too, they have an incredible collection). What makes it so incredible is the way you get to interact with the pieces. Unlike an art gallery where you can only get so close, you can get as close as you like to these ones. There are small signs dotted about asking not to climb on the pieces, but these fall on deaf ears as there is no stopping children using Caro's Promenade as a climbing frame. I think it's nice, and an incredible playground. 

We had an amazing day and were so lucky with the weather too! When you were little did you ever play with sticky buds (I don't know it's real life name), but those plants that are long and thin and have sticky buds on them meaning you can stick onto people?? Well we spent much of the day trying to sneakily put them on each other's backs and see how long it took everyone to notice. Simple entertainment!! We also each tried to find a really good stick to walk with, and I won that one hands down!! Just look at it!! It's like Gandalf's staff... I actually insisted on bringing it home with me too.