Clear Mind

Last week I was feeling so bogged down and uninspired. It can be so hard to blog daily when the inspiration dries up! So in order to clear my head I made a short trip onto the moors with my tripod and camera to shoot something completely different for a change. Sometimes I feel like I am at a crux at what I want my blog images to be. Nothing inspires me more than the street style images I spend hours pouring over on Pinterest, they're are so many of them I wish I could recreate on my own blog. But I feel equally inspired by the real location-led blog imagery. The posts which are of an editorial quality, where there is no sense that this was a real outfit worn day-to-day, but more a sense of creating art. I switch to and from what I want my content to look like, and sometimes it's nice to try and play around with both.

This was also the first ever time I've ever done self-shooting. I loved doing it so much, it was quite a challenge working out how to position myself and the camera, but it made me think harder about my composition and angles too. The only thing I haven't quite mastered is hiding the remote... oops! Lets just pretend we can't see that!

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