DIY: Pom Pom Cushions

So my first DIY project has been slightly ambitious, as it's taken me about two months to finish it. So before I get into this here's what you need to know: 

1. This was very time consuming. 
2. It once made me cry (I'll get to that later) 
3. The final result is bloody marvellous!! 

This whole DIY journey began about six months ago when I saw a very wonderful Pom Pom covered cushion online for a whopping £150! I would never pay that for a cushion, and decided it was nothing I couldn't make myself. In hindsight £150 seems very reasonable for something that takes this bloody long to make. 

Anyway - after having lost countless hours and a few tears over this, I had to share a blog post on it all. I am genuinely so happy with how these have turned out, and they feel worth the time - but I don't want to deceive you guys by claiming it was quick and easy. I made them with our new flat in mind, as we are renting a furnished place, it's come with the ever attractive black leather sofas. These things are so heavy and overpowering in a room we knew we would need lots of soft furnishings on them to lighten everything up. Queue a statement cushion, or two! 

So I started with some simple cushions. These two are from H&M home and are available in an array of colours. You can get them here and here, but really any cushion you fancy would work. 

That's the easy part over. Now for the Pom Poms. For these you will need: 
-Card (GOOD THICK CARD, twice I used card that was too flimsy and it breaks at the moment you finish your Pom Pom. This is when the crying happened). 
-Wool - lots of it, in an colour you fancy. 
-Scissors - strong ones. Wool is surprisingly durable. 

I went for two toned Poms Poms but you can go for as many colours as you like. I think solid colour ones would look amazing, but would be a little more tedious to make. 

How to make your Pom Poms: 

1. Cut TWO pieces of card into disks. Don't make them too thin or they'll rip, and too thick will result in a floppy Pom Pom. The size you go for will be determined by how big or small you want your Pom Pom to be. Mine are all large because I don't like to make anything easy for myself. I just drew around two different sized jar lids for mine. 

2. Cut your first length of string and tie it onto the two discs of card together. 

Top tip: wrap the length of wool around a small rectangle of card to make it easier to pass through the card without getting tangled. 

3. Start wrapping around and around and around and around etc etc etc. Make sure you're doing it nice and tight and keeping the string close together. 

4. Once you've got the end of that wool, cut another length and tie them together. This is where you could bring in your next colour, or if you want a stripy effect keep going with the same colour for a little longer. 

Top tip: use two pieces of string at once to speed things up a little more. I even got to the point where I was using four - that was when I'd made about 15 and was probably one of the most expert Pom Pom makers in the world. 

5. Repeat step 4 until the hole in the middle is small enough to just about fit your index finger through. It's essential that it's a tight squeeze otherwise the whole thing will fall apart. 

6. Keeping your finger in the middle of the Pom Pom the whole time, you can now cut the things to bits. Not really, but take your scissors and cut along the edge of the Pom Pom. Once you've cut down to the card in the middle you can cut between the two pieces which makes things easier. 

7. Once you've cut the whole way around, and should still have your finger in the middle, you now need to take another length of string. Wrap this around the Pom Pom between the two pieces of card (which should now be exposed) - now you can take your finger out! 

8. Tie the string around the middle as tightly, and as many times as you can. Make sure to leave some length as a little tail. 

9. Now simply rip the two pieces of card off. Fluff up your Pom Pom a little - and voila! You've done! Give it a quick trim if there are any flyways and then rejoice. 

Now you've made one it's time to sew it into the cushion. It's totally up to you how many you make and how much space you want between each one. It even looks good with one on each corner. I made a total of 28 Poms Poms but bare in mind I'm self employed and a saddo. 

I really haven't got much advice as to how to attach them to your cushion because I'm the worlds worst sewer. I just used a thread that matched the cushion, and went for it by first securing the tail of string, then passing the needle through the centre of the Pom Pom and down into the edge of the cushion. It really was haphazardly done and it still turned out okay! Once you've secured it just trim the tail of wool. 

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